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A large portion of our client base consists of contractors. Wherever they are and whatever their trade is, we are here to assist with their bond needs not just for a single project, but as an advisor on an ongoing basis to help them obtain the opportunities necessary to grow and be profitable. Our approach and specialization allow us to provide the most optimal program and terms possible for both established companies as well as those moving into bonding or looking to expand.


 We also work with both residential and commercial developers to support their more specialized and less freely written bond needs, which can be difficult to accommodate by an agent that is not extremely familiar with the ins and outs of that line of business like we are.

Insurance Agents

 With our specialization in bonding, we can support and supplement other insurance agents that focus on property and casualty insurance by rounding out their offerings for their clients, protecting their client base from competitors.


We work with several reputable and highly rated sureties, ranging from the largest writer of surety in the world, down to more local or regional organizations with various appetites for all types of bonding, which allows us to provide the best fit possible for any of our clients.

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 Bonding involves several legal functions, such as contract review, payment disputes, and operating/legal structures, among many more, and looks to complement the services of attorneys that are best suited to provide those services.

Project Managers, Engineers & Architects

Being heavily involved in the construction industry allows us to make the lives of PMs, engineers, and architects easier by assisting them with bonding  of their contractors and subcontractors that they enjoy working with when bonds are necessary due to owner or financing requirements.


Cash flow and strong banking relationships are a critical part of bonding, whether that be a line of credit or equipment financing for a contractor or a reliable source of funding for a developer, so we look to align ourselves with bankers that can provide those.


 Due to the financial requirements that often come with bonding, we work with many CPA firms that can assist with business of all sizes and trades, both to provide our clients with another valuable resource and also assist their clients with bond needs they encounter, allowing them to continue to grow.

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